NEW 2019/2020

All divers must register with AAU prior to participation with Centennial Diving.  

The following waivers must be submitted prior to any Centennial Diving participation. (Click each to access).

The following information is provided by the CDC regarding concussions.
    The first payment must include the tuition for the selected program and segment #1 of Annual Fees. September payments should be mailed to:
    Steve Kuttruff
    169 Greenwood Ave. #e2
    Jenkintown, PA 19046

    Annual Fees
    This fee is broken into two payments 
    • Segment #1 (September - January) - $150 Due 9/8/19 (due with first payment)
    • Segment #2 (February - July) - $150 Due 2/1/20

    Monthly Tuition                                           
    • After September monthly tuition payments are due the first day of practice for the month
    • Check payments must be made out to Centennial Diving with Program selection listed on Memo line. 
    • If a payment is not received your diver will not be permitted to participate in practice.
    • A late fee of $25 will be added to your account for payments that are not received on the date due.

    Discounts & Refunds
    • Families will receive a 10% discount in monthly fees for the 2nd child.
    • Refunds are not available for pool fees or administrative fees.